10 Things to Learn About Your Home

10 IMPORTANT THINGS TO LEARN ABOUT YOUR HOME Everyone can benefit from learning more about their home. From safety issues to saving money, there is a lot to know about managing a property. Here are ten things to help you know more about your property. Locate the Main... read more

11 Rental Investment Mistakes to Avoid

11 RENTAL INVESTMENT MISTAKES TO AVOID When it comes to rental investments, there are many areas that investors learn from their mistakes as they venture into the world of rental properties. One of our goals at Alpha is to lead you towards a path of success from the... read more

Is Real Estate Investing for You?

The basic premise of the RK, RV, RY triangle is that to be successful, a person must possess the financial education (knowledge), an appropriate system to earn a profit (vehicle), and an accurate assessment of their strengths and weaknesses (individual assessment).

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How Our Team Can Help You Reach Your Goals for 2017

Accomplishing any goal can be difficult, especially without the help of others. So make it easier on yourself, you’re only one person! Build a team around you to support your objectives for the new year. Alpha would love to join your team. And we wonder if any of your resolutions for 2017 match our team’s skills and abilities?

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Top Achievements of 2016

With every new year comes a time to reflect upon past accomplishments. At Alpha, we are looking back on 2016 and remembering all that we were able to accomplish: such as building new relationships; or improving our outreach, while still providing the personal service we are known for. But before we move into 2017, we wanted to take the time to reflect on the top five achievements that our team accomplished in 2016.

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Now Hiring: Independent Maintenance Contractors

NOW HIRING: INDEPENDENT MAINTENANCE CONTRACTORS Overview Alpha Property, LLC is a leading real estate agency in Greenville, SC. We are a one-stop full service real estate agency working in areas such as real estate sales, property management and leasing, tenant... read more

Seasonal Home Tips: Winter Edition

Seasonal Tips: Winter Edition Wondering how to best maintain your home this season? Here are a few seasonal tips to keep in mind as you embrace the cold winter months ahead! Of course, there are other things to keep in mind this winter, and we highly recommend doing... read more

Meet the Team: Jared Garcia

Get to Know Jared, Our Newest Team Member! 1. Describe your dream home.  My dream home would be a house that features a spacious library indoors and a full court basketball court outdoors.  2. What brought you to Alpha? I have heard of Alpha for a couple years before... read more

Seasonal Home Tips: Fall Edition

Seasonal Tips: Fall Edition Come one, come Fall! Wondering how to best maintain your home this season? Here are a few seasonal tips to keep in mind as we enter into one of the most beautiful seasons! These are just a few tips to keep in mind this fall! We hope you... read more